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Technology Marketing - a Specialty

Technologies for marketing are mostly developed and patented by front-line, international production companies, predominantly for their own use.

International Technology Licensors usually perform this activity themselves using their own technical and commercial experts. This ensures secrecy. Hence, Technology Marketing is a highly specialised skill with very few Indian companies getting the requisite exposure in this field.

TechSearch™ is one such company, different from others, specializing in marketing of internationally famous technologies in India for different technology providers, exclusively.

Technology Marketing - the Pitfalls and the Challenge

Contractual Agreements between international Licensors and prospective Indian clients, usually reached after long and arduous discussions, often falter at the last step. The main reason is lack of understanding of what’s being said or implied by the one party and how its is being understood or perceived by the other. This cultural gap often results in failure to reach an agreement, smoothly.

This is amplified when negotiations become complex and two different nationalities and cultures are involved. One thing is stated and meant by the international experts; something entirely different is understood by the Indian customer. These misunderstandings, often leading to delays and sometimes discontinuance of dialogue, emanate because of communication problems. The reason - cultural differences between the international Licensors and prospective, Indian Licensees.

TechSearch™ endeavours to ensure that these differences are minimized for its Principals and smoothens the sales process by bridging the cultural gap.


Project and Technology selling to the Indian industry can either be frustrating and complicated or exceedingly rewarding . The quality of support in India makes the real difference. TechSearch Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide international, high-tech companies with informed, educated and professional presence in India.

TechSearch™, today lives up to its motto – helping deliver the promise of Technology.

TechSearch – a unique niche player