TechSearch™'s Expertise

Developing Projects and selling Technology to the Indian industry is complex and requires considerable knowledge and skills. Eventual success depends upon:

TechSearch™ provides this to its Principals

‘Cultural Bridging' – an Expertise that’s Difficult to find

The need to bridge these ‘cultural gaps’ during complicated Contract negotiations is obvious to international negotiators. Its absence can be time consuming and very expensive, especially for the international company in terms of lost business and wastage of time.

The difficulty lies in finding an agency that has the expertise to provide such a ‘cultural bridging’. It is difficult and unusual to find one organization with the right blend of

TechSearch™ is one such company, different from others, that specializes in 'Cultural Bridging' and in marketing of internationally famous technologies, exclusively for different technology providers, to the industry in the Indian sub-continent

TechSearch – a unique niche player