TechSearch - bridging cultures through Technology

TechSearch Consultants & Engineers Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and provides international high-technology companies with expertise in doing business in the Indian sub-continent. TechSearch™ also gives specialized support to its international principals in the marketing of Technology, Projects and high-valued products to the industry.

TechSearch™ creates, develops and maintains business relationships on behalf of these principals with clients in the fields of:

TechSearch™ has developed a unique Sales Management technique called TechSMaRT  that facilitates  prediction of  sales revenue trends in tandem with derivation of focused sales strategy.

TechSearch™ also brings to India, technology-rich companies from overseas  with expertise, products and skills of relevance to the Indian industry. In parallel, TechSearch™ identifies modern-managed and technology-driven Indian companies that need or seek international technology collaborations. Subsequently, TechSearch™ brings its Principals and clients together and catalyses the interaction between its principals and potential clients to the mutual benefit of both organizations.

In effect, TechSearch™ specializes in utilizing Technology in bridging the ‘cultural gap’ between its clients and its principals

TechSearch – a unique niche player